Foiling Rote

Rote is not just a paradise for surfers, in recent years, Rote has also been discovered as one of the best places in Indonesia (or the world) for foiling. Tow foiling, Wingfoiling or prone surf foiling, all those sports can be done right outside of Wavehaven.

Foiling in Rote, Indonesia
Epic & empty waves

Foiling Rote

Foiling has become increasingly popular with surfers as a great way to get away from crowded surf spots and get epic long rides of over 300 to 500 meters.

Squeelers ( right in front of Wavehaven) has become the go-to foil spot for people getting into the sport of prone surfing. Accessible for all levels, as long as there is about 1.3 meter of tide height over the reef, which usually means mid & high tide. Take offs can be done in the white water of on the green part of the waves. and foil rides are usually between 150 to 250 meters. The wave reforms 2 or 3 times so there’s plenty of open wave to play with.

Tow Foiling Indonesia

The Bomby is also in front of Wavehaven but further past Squeelers. Breaks best on low tides, access is best by boat or jetski, or SUP foilers and Stand up paddle boarders can do the paddle in about 10 minutes.

Epic rides with long open walls of 200 to 400 meters can be had here. Not ideal fro prone foiling as the take off spot shifts a bit.

foil surfing rote
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Foil surfing in Rote, Indonesia

Soon we will show more info  videos and photos of foiling in rote, indonesia

Foiling Rote, Indonesia
Long empty waves

There are numerous offshore reefs to be found in Rote, where no one ever surfs, so there’s no need to bother surfers of Stand up paddle boards when you go on a foiling holiday here in Rote, Indonesia.

What you need is your foil surfing equipment ( there are no foil shops here, Bali does have some limited supply) and boat or Jetski access, both  can be arranged via us.

In the normal Rote surf season (March to November) the waves are very consistent, barely ever being smaller than chest height, and at times up to 4 x overhead. There are always options to choose from.

Rote Surf Spots
Tow foiling in indonesia
Tow foiling in indonesia

Date: 29 Sept 2023
Location: Bomby, Nemberala, Rote

Tow-in foil surfing in indonesia

Date: 30 Sept 2023
Location: Bomby, Nemberala, Rote

Rote, Indonesia
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